Rongrong Ji

“Minjiang” Chair Professor, Fujian Province

Professor, Xiamen University

Dean Assistant School of Information Science and Engineering

Address: Room 606B, Administration Building #C, Haiyun Park, Xiamen University, 361005

Email: or ← the best way to reach me


Master、PH.D.、PostDoc Vacancies (Major in Computer Science and Technology)

  • National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars (NSFC, 2014-2017)
    Multimedia Processing and Analysis, Principle Investigator.)
  • Research on Dictionary Learning, Feature Coding, and Compression Towards Visual Big Data Retrieval (NSFC, 2014-2017)
    Towards content understanding and knowledge mining in massive data scale, this research targets at this fundamental basis, making a significant contribution by introducing a scalable and noise-tolerant feature learning framework in a principled way, Principle Investigator.
  • 基于无人机影像内容理解的地震灾情时空一体化建模解析技术 (国家科技支撑计划行业专项, 2015-2016)
  • 优图-多媒体技术研究 (腾讯公司, 2014-2016)
  • Social Media in Strategic Communication (DARPA, 2012-2015)
    Main participant of the subcontractor, i.e., Columbia University.Research on knowledge mining and security monitoring on social media.In charge of the scalable social multimedia forensic monitoring and sentiment analysis system.
  • Persistent Stare Exploitation and Analysis System (DARPA, 2010-2012)
    Main participant of the subcontractor, i.e., Columbia University.Research on intelligent and user-centroid scalable activity recognition.Develop an online interactive activity search system for wide area imagery surveillance.
  • Joint project of Peking University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Columbia University.Main developer and participant for the next-generation mobile location search prototype.highest performance in MPEG Compact Descriptor for Visual Search (CDVS) standard.Beat proposals worldwide, e.g. Nokia, Qualcomm, and Stanford.
  • Photo2Search (Microsoft Research Asia, 2007-2008)
    Main developer for a vision based location recognition system.Ranked No. 1 among all technical demos demonstrated in Microsoft Technical Festival 2007.
  • Perception-based Video Coding (National Key Research Project of China, 2009-2013)
    Mainly participated in the subproject "Surveillance-based Video Coding".Developed a supervised vocabulary indexing mechanism for scalable video frame matching.Proposals into the Advanced Coding Standard (AVS) Standard.
  • Intelligent NLP Search Engine (National High Tech. Research of China, 2006-2009)
    Main developer, participant, and Project Manager.Developed a Web Image and Video Retrieval Engine" prototype.Research on large scale visual search and recognition of web images.