Rongrong Ji

“Minjiang” Chair Professor, Fujian Province

Professor, Xiamen University

Dean Assistant School of Information Science and Engineering

Address: Room 606B, Administration Building #C, Haiyun Park, Xiamen University, 361005

Email: or ← the best way to reach me

Master、PH.D.、PostDoc Vacancies (Major in Computer Science and Technology)

My research falls in the field of computer vision, multimedia, and machine learning. My scholarly work mainly focuses on leveraging big data to build computer systems to understand visual scenes and human behaviors, inferring the semantics and retrieving instances for various emerging applications. My recent interests include compact visual descriptor, social media sentiment analysis, and holistic scene understanding. I have published 70+ papers in tier-1 journal and conferences like IJCV, TIP, TMM, CSVT, TIST, ToMM, TGRS, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, IJCAI, AAAI, ACM Multimedia, and DCC.

I am associate editors in Neurocomputing, Multimedia Tools and Applications, The Visual Computer, PLOS ONE, Frontiers of Computer Science etc., guest editors in ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, IEEE Multimedia Magazine, Signal Processing, Neurocomputing etc., General Chair of VALSE (Vision And Learning SEminar) 2017, Local/Session/Area Chairs in IEEE MMSP 2015, ACM ICMR 2014, IEEE VCIP 2014, ACM MMM 2015, IEEE ISM 2015 etc. TPC Members in AAAI 2015, CVPR 2013, ICCV 2013, ACM Multimedia 2010-2015 etc. I have been a Senior Member of IEEE (2014-now), Senior Member of ACM (2015-now), Chair of VAIG Group for IEEE Multimedia Communication Technical Committee (MMTC) (2014-2016), Member of ACM, Chair of CCF YOCSEF Xiamen (2016-2017), and Executive Member of Fujian Association of Artificial Intelligence.

In the past decade, I and my collaborators have developed some of the state-of-the-art mobile visual search systems and social multimedia analytics tools, with top performances in the MPEG Compact Descriptor for Visual Search (CDVS) standard evaluations. My work has also been recognized by ACM Multimedia 2011 Best Paper Award, Microsoft Fellowship 2007, and Best Thesis Award of Harbin Institute of Technology. My research has been supported by government agencies like National Science Foundation of China. I am the recipient of the National Science Foundation for Excellent Young Scholars (2014).


Visual Sentiment Ontology
Active Query Sensing
Point Cloud Parsing
Visual Attribute Learning
Computer Descriptor

Academic Experience

"Minjiang" Chair ProfessorXiamen University2015.01-Now
Visiting ProfessorNanyang Technical University2014.09-2014.10
Professor Xiamen University2014.03-2014.12
Associate Professor (one-year tenure-track evaluation)Xiamen University2013.03-2014.03
Visiting Professor Nanyang Technical University2013.09-2013.12
PostDoc ResearcherColumbia UniversityAdvisor: Professor Shih-Fu Chang2010.10-2013.06
Research AssistantPeking UniversityAdvisor: Professor Wen Gao2010.04-2010.10
Visiting Student University of Texas at San Antonio Advisor: Professor Qi Tian2010.04-2010.04
Research InternMicrosoft Research AsiaAdvisor: Dr. Xing Xie2007.08-2008.09
Visual Intelligence LaboratoryResearch AssistantAdvisor: Professor Hongxun Yao2005.07-2010.10


Recent Publications[More]

  • Baochang Zhang, Alessandro Perina, Zhigang Li, Vittorio Murino, Jianzhuang Liu, Rongrong Ji*.
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    International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV).
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  • Mingliang Xu, Jiejie Zhu, Pei Lv, Bing Zhou, Marshall Tappen, and Rongrong Ji*.
    Learning-based Shadow Recognition and Removal from Monochromatic Natural Images. [pdf] [bibtex]
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (TIP).
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